The Definitive Guide to B Vitamins for Energy

b vitamins for energy

Want to take B vitamins for energy? Read this first.

If you’re often weary, you might want to try taking a vitamin B complex to boost your energy levels. The question is whether this is effective or a waste of time and money.

Understanding the relationship between B vitamins and energy is the first step toward finding the optimal solution for you. It’s also useful to know who might benefit the most from a B complex, as well as a few natural alternatives to taking a supplement.

Here’s A Quick Recap on B Vitamins

The B vitamins aid in the conversion of food into energy in your body. They also have additional functions, such as assisting in the formation of red blood cells, which aid in clotting. There are a total of eight B vitamins: 

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These can be found in meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy products, among other foods. You can also boost your intake by eating enhanced or fortified foods like legumes, leafy greens, nuts, and other foods.

Some people desire to increase their B intake by taking a supplement in the hopes of feeling more energized. But, more importantly, does it work?

Do B Vitamins for Energy Work?

It’s true that your body requires B complex vitamins to build energy from the foods you eat — not only for muscle power, but also for brain and nerve function. However, taking them as vitamin B complex supplements is not the same as obtaining them from food.

“Supplements can’t replace the range of foods that are vital to a healthy diet,” says the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements.

As a result, the majority of your energy should come from the foods you eat, particularly carbs and, to a lesser extent, proteins and fats.

B vitamins only act as a catalyst in the conversion of these calories into energy.

Similarly to how a match ignites the fire in charcoal. If there isn’t enough fuel to burn in the first place, more “matches” won’t produce any more energy.

Furthermore, because B vitamins are water-soluble, once the body has received all of the B vitamins it requires for the day, the remainder will be expelled in the urine. While they are stored to some extent in muscle, they are not as readily stored as fat-soluble vitamins.

That isn’t to imply that taking vitamin supplements can’t help you feel better in some situations. If you have pernicious anemia (a type of anemia caused by a lack of vitamin B12), for example, an injectable or oral dose of vitamin B12 can help raise your red blood cell count and relieve fatigue symptoms.

This is also true for persons who have undergone stomach surgery, such as resections or bypasses. 

According to one study, taking a pre-workout supplement containing B vitamins can help you feel more energized and less tired.

Caffeine, amino acids, creatine, and beta-alanine were all included in this supplement. As a result, it’s difficult to say what impact B vitamins played in the increased energy levels.

Energy Drinks and B Vitamins

Even while energy drink marketers frequently tout their products’ high B vitamin content, these nutrients aren’t usually the ones that give you a jump. Caffeine in the drink is usually to blame for the boost in energy.

energy drinks b vitamins

Energy drinks from well-known brands contain anywhere from 71 milligrams to 242 milligrams of caffeine per can.

Four single espressos, on the other hand, contain 252 milligrams of caffeine, and few individuals would never drink that much in one sitting.

Take a look at the product label if you get a burst of energy after drinking an energy drink. Caffeine is almost certainly going to be one of the main ingredients.

Who Should Take a B Vitamins for Energy?

You’re probably getting all of the B vitamins you need if you eat a well-balanced diet. Some folks, on the other hand, may benefit from taking a B complex.

B-Vitamin Deficient People

Signs of B vitamin deficiency might take weeks to manifest.

However, some dietary habits, such as a vegetarian diet, might raise the risk of vitamin B deficiency, and shortages can also occur when food is scarce due to poverty. 

Individuals with Specific Medical Conditions

If you have pernicious anemia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or an autoimmune condition such as hypothyroidism or Grave’s disease, consult your doctor.

A B complex supplement may be beneficial to you. Your GP can advise you on whether you should take B vitamins for energy.

People who are taking certain medications

Some anti-rheumatics, anticonvulsants, and sulfa medications may prevent some B vitamins from being absorbed (as can alcohol).

If you’re on one of these medications, your GP may suggest taking a B complex supplement to boost your levels.

Pregnant women

B vitamins are especially vital during pregnancy, as they help the woman maintain her health and vigor as the baby grows. 

vitamin b complex pregnancy

Prenatal vitamins usually contain a number of B vitamins, although they are supposed to supplement rather than replace a balanced diet. To avoid neural tube abnormalities, folic acid must be taken both before and during pregnancy.

Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

You can feel more energised without taking B vitamins for energy. If you want to increase your energy naturally, there are a few options.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Before you start taking supplements, be sure you’re getting enough colorful fruits and veggies, whole grains, and healthy fats in your diet (such as omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and monounsaturated fats found in nuts, seeds, avocado, and olive oil). Choose lean beef and pork, skinless chicken and turkey, and vegetarian proteins like dried beans and soy products as protein sources.

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Give Your Body Something to Eat (Energy) Regularly

Blood glucose levels might swing like a rollercoaster if you eat infrequently and wait too long to eat. Longer periods of hunger can lead to a larger craving for calorie-dense foods. Consistently eating throughout the day can help prevent the energy lows that always follow brief highs.

Boost your physical activity

Regular exercise can help you feel better by increasing your energy levels and promoting the creation of endorphins. Take a walk. Lift a few pounds. You will likely discover that you have more energy if you move about more.

Change Your Way of Life

Both a lack of sleep and a high degree of stress can sap your energy. Both of these problems can be alleviated by making lifestyle adjustments. Reduce your stress levels by going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning, and engaging in activities you enjoy.

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